Templum Dianae is a project of popularization and informing the European Pagan culture aimed at all those people who know and don’t know about the roots of European tradition, with the ultimate goal of bringing it to accept without prejudice the legacy of our ancestors.

history of templum dianae

Paganism and neo-paganism:

Within the site many adverts will be divided in discerning modern or ancient sources, of new and/or ancient customs, making a clear division between those who have investigated the beliefs of the new pay system neo-paganism and highlighting the historical sources that reveal new truth about ancient customs.

paganism and neo paganism

The magic and esotericism:

Many items will be aimed at analysing and documenting many customs in the esoteric or magical, using as tools the information of ocidentali or mystery schools by analysing the most visceral of ancient witches and shamans.