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The Neo Paganism:

The Neo Paganism is a spiritual/cultural movement modern divided into various societies that draw inspiration from ancient customs (usually of Celtic origin or baltica), mixed with new age beliefs or practices evolved from shamanism and/or Eastern drives usually related to more modern forms of Hinduism.
In modern times, various neo-Pagans have in fact created a new form of mass alternative spirituality, which slowly tends to arouse greater interest than most exotic or alien practices to our cultural context, allowing also to rediscover or understand those that our eyes are just mere popular superstition


Paganism was born from the derogatory term “Paganused already since the Romans and then by Catholics to describe those religious or spiritual cults related to pagus (the field) and then to rural environments (those who believed in deities Romane” were called Gentiles)
Later the term was extended to those people barbarians (mainly Germanic nature) who practiced different religions to Catholicism, while today the term tends to indicate all the pre-European Catholic religious forms.
In modern times there are few and small groups of people practicing or contemplating ancient forms of paganism, often because the information available is poor or very fragmentary, or practice is very difficult since Deity related to wildlife are getting harder and harder to be celebrated in a world where nature begins to run low.
Despite the very strong and often cruel forms this “primitive” spirituality can offer new ideas for social political evolution of modern man.
What is dianae templum?