Incorrectly translated as night Modraniht of mother from Venerable Bede, would represent the true pagan festival celebrated on the occasion of the winter solstice (December 21) as recorded in the book of Bede’s De temporum ratione.

Incipiebant autem annum ab octavo Calendarum Januariarum die, ubi nunc natale Domini celebramus. Et ipsam noctem nunc nobis sacrosanctam, tunc gentili vocabulo Modranicht, id est, matrum noctem appellabant: ob causam et suspicamur ceremoniarum, quas in ea pervigiles agebant.

started the year 8 the kalends of January [25 September], when we celebrate the birth of our Lord. That same night, which we so sacred, they used to call the term Pagan Modranecht, namely, “la notte della mamma”, because (we suspect) the ceremonies were named after him.

Mōdraniht and historical sources

Unfortunately the historical sources on this Festival are very small and the suspicion is that they facesero reference to some form of Disir, Germanic cult of matrons, or the cult of the Norns.
Some historians would identify in this party a similar form of sacrifices to disablot, however this theory and yet to be confirmed although coincides with the hypothesis that the roots of yule to be sought in the hunting party dead, much like disablot.
Modern mothers worship forms could possibly survive on the feast of St. Lucia.


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