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The Theogony of Hexod (birth of the Gods) is a Greek mythological poem, or rather is the Greek mythological poem, in which history is told and in particular the genealogy as well as the genesis of the classical gods; from the “chaos” to the Olympic supremacy of Zeus.

 The 1022 examiners that make up the Theogonic cycle, perhaps the first among the cycles that
make up the “epic cycle”, are dated around the 8th to 8th century BC; Handed down
by the medieval Byzantine works, are mainly attributed to Hesiod,
Greek poet of Ascra, considered according to the thesis, precedent or contemporary
Homer himself.
Theogony of Hesiod
Latona with the twins Artemis and Apollo

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Hesiod (in ancient Greek: Has’odos; Ascra, 8th century BC – 7th century BC) he was an ancient Greek poet, whose works are traced back to the period between the end of the 8th century and the beginning of the 7th century BC.

Secondary works

Hesiod was the first to deal with a new poem: the poem “didactic” i.e. aimed at teaching. Being a great personality, as happened for Homer, he attracted to himself a fair amount of works not his own. Below is the complete list of minor works, of which, however, as has been said, there is often widespread suspicion (or certainty) that they are apocryphal writings.

  • Hercules’ shield
  • Chiron’s precepts
  • Astronomy
  • The Aigìmios
  • La Melampodia
  • The descent into Pirìtoo’s Hades
  • The Wedding of Ceìce (perhaps belonging to the Catalog)
  • Idei datyls
  • The Great Works
  • The Ornithomànteia

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